This is a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers and many others.

I'll slowly add more content to this page, but I expect it to be a mix of short and long-term things I'm either working on or interested in.

What am I up to?

  • Recently (October, 2024) got married!
  • Living with my Wife and our two cats.
  • I'm currently working as a DevOps Tech Lead mainly with google cloud, terraform, kubernetes, gitlab-ci/jenkins, and ForgeRock.
  • I have an extensive homelab and am in the middle of migrating away from CentOS 7 to NixOS. Recently (over the last couple of years?) I migrated away from kubernetes to hashicorp Nomad.
  • I'm working on a Task Manager using Trilium because I can't decide on a task/todo tool.
  • For my NixOS migration, I built a Windmill http workflow that generates secure passphrases for LUKS and provides them to my servers during boot.
  • Started a new (Feb 2024) OSS project called silverbullet-ai. It integrates various LLMs with, the note taking tool.

Recent Interests?

  • Learning more about ML/AI/LLMs and experimenting with them.
  • I've been on a distributed storage kick recently. Experimenting with GlusterFS, Ceph, Minio, GarageHQ, JuiceFS, MooseFS, SeaweedFS, and others.