This is based off of du.php, and is basically the same thing except it lets you click on folders to navigate through the directory structure and see how much space each directory is taking up.

It uses php’s shell_exec function to call the du utility on the directories it’s in. So if your host doesn’t allow you to use shell_exec, this isn’t going to work for you. If they do allow shell_exec, but do not allow ssh access then this is perfect.

You can view it here as well.

//Disk Usage script v2                       ///
//du2.php                          ///
/////////////                         ///
//Author:  Justyn Shull                    ///
//E-mail:  [email protected]           ///
/////////////                      ///
//based off my old du.php script:         ///
//This lists the directories in $dir with the   ///
//space they take up.  Not sorted, but allows  ///
//you to click on a directory to navigate     ///
/////TODO: Fix it so you don't end up with the full path you've taken
//        eg:   du2.php?dir=../mail/../html/
$time1 = microtime(True);
$homedir = shell_exec('pwd');
echo "Home: $homedir";
if ($_GET["dir"] == "")
    //$dir = getenv('DOCUMENT_ROOT')."/.."; // *should* be the users's home
    $dir = ".";
    $dir = $_GET["dir"];
echo escapeshellarg($dir)."<br />";
echo shell_exec("pwd")."<br />";
$homeindir = strpos(shell_exec("pwd"),$homedir);
//if ($homeindir === false) die ("Invalid dir");  //hopefully this will keep us from leaving $home
exec('ls -la',$dirs,$rc);
if ($rc != 0) die("Error listing files");
$numdir = count($dirs) - 1;
for ($x = 1;$x <= $numdir; $x++){
    $type = substr($dirs[$x],0,1);
    if ($type == "d") {
    $lsdirs[] = substr(strrchr($dirs[$x]," "),1);
$numdir = count($lsdirs) - 1;
// Print usage now
echo "<br />";
for ($x = 0; $x <= $numdir; $x++) {
    if ($x == 1) {
        echo "<a href=du2.php?dir=$dir/$lsdirs[$x]>";
        echo "<img src=\"/icons/folder.gif\" border=0></a>    ..<br />";
    } else {
    exec("du -hs ".escapeshellarg($lsdirs[$x]),$du,$rc);
    if ($rc != 0) die("Error on ".$x.": ".escapeshellarg($lsdirs[$x]));
    echo "<a href=du2.php?dir=$dir/$lsdirs[$x]>";
    echo "<img src=\"/icons/folder.gif\" border=0></a>".$du[0]."<br />";
$time2 = microtime(True); 
$dutime = ($time2 - $time1); 
echo '<p>Page generated in <b>'.$dutime.'</b> seconds</p>';